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Cloud Security

The Cloud Security service by True Internet is a service to boost user confidences in web content security. It also helps promote uninterrupted website applications for organizations, particularly financial institutes or e-commerce businesses, and government agencies through the world’s largest cloud system while they are experiencing attacks from security threats. A survey conducted by Ponemon Institute concluded that

The average cost of web application attacks is over $3 Million per year and less than 40% of surveyed individuals consider a Web Application Firewall part of their security solutions.

For this reason, the more comprehensive tools to safeguard online content the organizations have, the better they have been entrusted by users.

Cloud Security Network Diagram


  • Our platform carries up to 30% of global web traffic, giving us an unrivalled window into the security exploits that are taking place in real time. We use this intelligence to continually enhance our.
  • 2 Petabytes of constantly refreshed attack data continually analysed for new threats on our Hadoop-driven data platform.
  • Able to detect emerging attacks before they actually cause problems. With 200,000 servers spanning 120 countries across the world, security threats will be quickly detected and instantly suppressed.
  • World’s largest cloud security platform with over 27 Terabits per second of network bandwidth at the Internet edge.
  • Able to guard against all forms of attacks including SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripts and DDoS to ensure uninterrupted operation of corporate websites even while the websites are being attacked.

Why Cloud Security from True Internet

  • We are the real leader
    with years of experience in providing quality internet services and the most comprehensive service areas.

  • Rest assured with high-standard and internationally-recognized services
    through partnership with Akamai, the world’s leading provider of CDN services.

  • Easy and convenient cost management
    with system scalability to suit your application demands in varying periods of time and cost-savings for procurement of devices.

  • Burden-free and hassle-free management,
    with integrated services delivered by our expert staff, ensuring that the system and devices works smoothly at all times.

  • Staffed by experienced professionals
    who are ready to provide advice, take care of the system and after-sales services, as well as render the right solutions to your problems. All services are administered by our team of engineers who have extensive expertise and experience and who are thoroughly qualified and certified.

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