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Digital Signage

At present, communications and public relations are deemed an essence. Many organizations produce a variety of public relations, either publicities of products and services or internal communications. More roles of media along with a mixed technologies called Cloud Computing provokes a new model of public relations; that?s ?Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a new form of public relation display replacing old styles of signboards as it shows any information, products and services, either in still pictures or motion pictures, which draws general people?s interest and may be controlled via an IT network.

A key attribute of Digital Signage is that any contents may be updated by a user to fit to sales or marketing plans, and they may be communicated to targeted groups easily and freely. Digital Signage may be controlled by a LAN network system so that certain contents, pictures and motion pictures may be changed as needed via the browser program located at an office. Therefore, the media controllers do not waste time to print the media, posters or billboards, and the costs could be saved in the long term.

Cloud Service - Digital Signage Network Diagram

Digital Signage is appropriate for any organizations in communicating and giving information in the following areas:

  • Sales and marketing, publicizing products and services, marketing activities
  • Internal communications, information about organization activities
  • Training

Why Digital Signage?

It provides a variety of application services to serve business needs in both passive and interactive forms, and such services may be adjusted to meet the customers? needs.

Cost and Time Saving

Digital Signage could save costs and time in printing and changing signboards if those signboards must be changed frequently. The service users need not to invest in an administration system and all system equipments; they pay for a monthly service fee only.

Drawing Interest

For a shop desiring to draw passing-by customers? attention to see its special products or promotions, Digital Signage offers some information to help customers making decision. This form of public relations is greatly cost-effective.

Easy Use

For a business involving many branches, Digital Signage may be administrated via network, either LAN, WAN or INTERNET system under a central administration. The administrator needs not to go to the location where the devices are installed, but he may control and set up displays in advance and easily. Digital Signage supports the express reporting of news, contents and information.

Rapid Data Sharing

Digital Signage helps businesses engage some advantages on speed of marketing information sharing. It is also a channel to be more easily and comfortably approached by people inside and outside the organization. It serves needs for business targets efficiently and proficiently as well.

Cloud-base Digital Signage Technology

Digital Signage provides some space for storage of contents. The user only connects his digital media player to his network system and outcome monitor to display those contents. The present Cloud Computer technology focuses on investment cost-effectiveness under Software as a Service (SaaS). Cisco Digital Signage platform is utilized to provide the quality profession service and it is worthwhile for investment. You only pay for a monthly service fee to use the service easily, and to administrate the system efficiently for your business success.

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