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Media Delivery

The Media Delivery service by True Internet allows you to easily deliver content for online viewings of live TV programs, images or video clips, while minimizing your workflow complexity. Audiences can reach content instantly, anytime and anywhere on any device with an adaptive media delivery system that enables adaptable and high-quality video viewing experiences on varying connection speeds.

With a 5 second delay in starting a video playing, a publisher may have lost a quarter of its audience, and with a 10 second delay, nearly half the audience has left.

Media Delivery Network Diagram


  • Video viewing scalability to automatically fit the varying bandwidths of all networks and devices.
  • Can ingest live MPEG-DASH, RTMP, Microsoft Smooth, HDS, or HLS streaming. Using this capability, content distributors can maximize the power of the Akamai Intelligent Platform without having to adapt their video content or manifest. This can reduce the encoder requirements and complexity by up to 50%.
  • Minimize the workload of your corporate servers in providing video content services, while bringing down your costs on hardware and saving your time on Video Transcoding, with the use of the most comprehensive cloud system.
  • Promote reliability and security for video content delivery and prevent theft or illegal and unlicensed use of your content through encoding.
  • Global distribution platform which is nearest to users enables high-quality content delivery to audiences, with low delays and an almost real-time viewing experience.

Why Cloud Security from True Internet

  • We are the real leader
    with years of experience in providing quality internet services and the most comprehensive service areas.

  • Rest assured with high-standard and internationally-recognized services
    through partnership with Akamai, the world’s leading provider of CDN services.

  • Easy and convenient cost management
    with system scalability to suit your application demands in varying periods of time and cost-savings for procurement of devices.

  • Burden-free and hassle-free management,
    with integrated services delivered by our expert staff, ensuring that the system and devices works smoothly at all times.

  • Staffed by experienced professionals
    who are ready to provide advice, take care of the system and after-sales services, as well as render the right solutions to your problems. All services are administered by our team of engineers who have extensive expertise and experience and who are thoroughly qualified and certified.

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