Internet Solution for Enterprise

Ethernet Fiber

Thanks to its high-performance, hi-speed fiber optics network, Metro Ethernet allows for greater Internet connectivity, faster data transfer and various technology support. Your organization can now deploy various applications more efficiently. This service is designed for both intra-building and inter-building connections at a speed in the range from 256 Kbps. to 1 Gbps. VDSL, UTP and Fiber Connection is all supported to suit your demand (e.g. video conference, IP technology). Quality of service is also properly ensured under the Metro Ethernet service plan.

Internet Solution for Enterprise - Ethernet Fiber hi-speed Internet for office buildings Network Diagram


  • Separated gateways for corporate and individual clients
  • hi-speed Internet connectivity
  • Facilitated network management
  • Ethernet interface for better connection
  • Uncomplicated network design
  • Compatibility with a range of bandwidth channels
  • Better cost management with scalable bandwidth ranges
  • Quick installation
  • Backup network at no extra cost (in case of same premises)

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