Internet Solution for SME

SME Size S/M/L

One of the most important factors for fast and smooth transactions of small businesses is a reliable and high quality Internet service that can effectively support cost control and various business transactions.

Leased Line for Small Business is a rental Internet line circuit/service for small-sized organizations that require unlimited, reliable and fast Internet usages and data transfers. This leased line service helps small businesses to achieve an effective cost control as it offers a selection of Internet Bandwidth that is suitable for the business sizes, and a Fixed IP* service for website and emails.

Internet Solution for SME Network Diagram

Why Internet for SME by True Internet?

  • True Leader of the best quality Internet service and the widest network coverage.
  • Unlimited usages and data transfers.
  • Prompt and expert consultation, installation and aftersales service from our highly-experienced engineers, certified in quality service and effective problem solving*.
  • Corporate Care support by expert technical team in Bangkok Metropolitan and other provinces for SME Package Size M within12 hours. and Size L within 8 hours.


  • 1 Fixed IP Address for website or email.*
  • Fixed Line Plus include cordless phone and usages call.
  • Stable and Fast with Fiber Optic, allowing faster data transfers.**
  • Effective cost control as desired.

Types of service

Remark : This service is a Share Speed service, so the connection speed varies with the number of users on the service at a specific point in time (Non-guaranteed speed).
* for SME Package Size M and Size L
** Please check coverage area

Fiber SME Package

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