Value Added Services

Intelligence Mail

Today, communication and data delivery via email is considered another convenient and cost-effective communication channel. It enables users to efficiently determine and reach their target groups, provide comprehensive details on their products and services, organizational news and promotional campaigns. Email delivery, thus, is a low-cost, yet highly-effective marketing platform for marketers.

Intelligence Mail is a service that allows users to send their emails, news, information about products and services, as well as promotional campaigns in the html and text formats, among others, to subscriber groups based on customer database at high-volume at one time. The service can be also applied to the delivery of questionnaires or discount coupons. Along with a delivery results tracking feature, Intelligence Mail presents reports of data-reading rates, which can be analyzed for preparing reliable marketing data.

Value Added Services - Intelligence Mail E-Mail Marketing Network Diagram


System Management

  • Delivery date and time setting
  • Messages can be sent in the HTML, coupon and questionnaire formats
  • Accuracy and attractiveness of contents and designs can be reviewed prior to delivery
  • High-volume of emails can be sent at one time
  • Compatible with 3 languages: Thai, English and Japanese
  • Failures of email delivery can be tracked and analyzed

Customer Database

  • Database segmentation by customer groups and delivery principles
  • Add subscriber database easily by just clicking an acceptance button to receive information
  • Extent of application can be set to suit the duties of each assigned staff

Analysis & Report

  • Delivery status can be tracked to confirm emails have been successfully sent to destinations
  • Provides historical records of email sending and receiving and data-reading statistics, which can be used for creating supplementary kit to help promote marketing activities efficiently
  • Have ability to check for subscribers? status and cancellation of subscribership

Why Intelligence Mail from True Internet?

  • Rest assured with Safety Award
    Intelligence Mail has won the Good Design Award in the category of encoding safety from Japan

  • Fast Delivery and Cost-Efficiency
    Intelligence Mail can send messages to your target customers directly and help expand your customer bases conveniently and speedily via email, which is both economical and safe.

  • High-Standard and Highly-Effective
    Intelligence Mail can send high-volume of emails to your target customers instantly and unobstructively at one time, with the use of the cloud computing technology and high-quality servers, as well as connection with the biggest internet bandwidth, ensuring fast and stable email delivery system.

  • Precise and Accurate Delivery Report
    Intelligence Mail incorporates simple system management with precise delivery time setting and accurate delivery reports to be analyzed and used as important marketing data.

  • Various Delivery Formats
    Your messages can be sent in the forms of HTML, coupons and questionnaires.

  • Attentive Staff
    Hassle-free services with experienced staff ready to serve and provide consultations to you 24 hours a day.

Types of service

The service is available in 6 packages based on the application:

Package   Number of emails delivery per month
1   10,000
2   50,000
3   100,000
4   200,000
5   500,000
6   1,000,000

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