Value Added Services

Mail Back up

The mail backup service acts as a second priority mail server. In case of blackout or that network or mail server is down, the system will automatically switch to mail backup to receive all incoming emails. Once the network is functioned properly, the system will then relay all received emails to the mail server. Based on load balancing, the process will not affect mail transfers of multiple servers. This highly stable service is also capable of accommodating large sized e-mails. It suits businesses having an internal corporate mail server or colocate mail server at Internet service provider.

During normal situation, all incoming emails will be sent to the user?s mail server. In case that the network is down or cannot connect to customers? mail server, it cannot receive any emails. The incoming emails will then be automatically sent to True Internet?s mail backup system whereby all emails are stored and not over allowed quota. Once the user?s network or mail server is working properly, all emails will be relayed to the user?s mail server.

Value Added Services - Mail Back up Network Diagram

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