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Traffic Exchange

The Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550 requires Internet service providers, government agencies, educational institutions, Internet cafes and other organizations to maintain computer data traffic logs for a minimum period of 90 days for investigation. The data include detailed Internet usage that showing sources of origin, starting point, destinations, routes, time, date, volumes, time periods, types of service or others related to that computer system's communications such as data from network and accessing mail server.

Traffic Exchange is a hosting service for computer traffic log storage according to the Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550. The service efficiently and accurately maintains Internet usage logs complying with the Act and also prepares professional reports on related information. The users are able to select data space, ensure the safety with 24-hour security by skilled technicians and enjoy cost effective as the service does not require any additional software or hardware installation.


Configure the user's hardware to send Syslog stored at True Traffic Exchange server. In the case where the user's hardware does not support Syslog, the agent software should be installed on the user's hardware to be able to send log data.

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  • Centralized storage of computer data traffic logs. The logs are kept confidentially for possible evidence in the original, non-modified format according to the Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550. The data management is based on HTTS and SSL 128-bit encrypted procedures.
  • Indexed data storage with search engine makes it easy to recall. An automatic compression system is used to help save storage space.
  • Accurate computer data traffic logs can be securely retrieved for company reports.
  • Support Syslog and other formats on the following operating systems:
    - Operation System : Windows, Linux, AIX, HP, SUN, Unix
    - Database : DB2, Informix, MS-SQL, Oracle, Sybase
    - Application : IIS, Sun iPlanet, IIS, RSA , SAP
    - Mail : Lotus Note, Exchange, Sendmail, QMail, Postfix
    - Security and Network Device : Blue Coat System, Check Point Firewall-1, Cisco PIX, Cisco VPN, Cisco Router, TrendMicro ScanMail, Juniper Netscreen, Fortinet Fortigate

Service Packages

4 Packages are available

Package   Space (GB)
1. Basic   2
2. Standard   3
3. Medium   5
4. Enterprise   10

Remark :Traffic Exchange maintains computer data traffic logs for 90 days from the day on which installation is completed.


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