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Internet Solution for Enterprise

Internet Solution for Enterprise Ethernet Fiber hi-speed Internet for office buildings

Ethernet Fiber

hi-speed Internet for office buildings

Thanks to its high-performance, hi-speed fiber optics network, Metro Ethernet allows for greater Internet connectivity, faster data transfer and various technology support. Your organization can now deploy various applications more efficiently. This service is designed for both intra-building and inter-building connections at a speed in the range from 256 Kbps. to 1 Gbps. VDSL, UTP and Fiber Connection is all supported to suit your demand (e.g. video conference, IP technology). Quality of service is also properly ensured under the Metro Ethernet service plan.

Internet Solution for Enterprise MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) Multiple connections over a single infrastructure delivering scalable, efficient and secure communications

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

Multiple connections over a single infrastructure delivering scalable, efficient and secure communications

MPLS enhances seamless data communications between enterprise and its multiple offices. With the highly efficient solution, MPLS network can integrate a wide variety of advanced services over a single infrastructure and deliver stability and security of data communications through high capacity bandwidths of up to 10 Gbps. which enable corporate clients to select a speed from 64 Kbps. to 1 Gbps. MPLS also supports IP applications including VoIP, routing protocol, QoS, Multicast and VDO conference.

Internet Solution for SME

Internet Solution for Small Business Fiber

SME Size S/M/L

Fast broadband service that keeps your business connected worldwide.

For small to medium businesses this service solution serves you with our advanced technology connected via fiber optics and a suitable bandwidth so that you can unlimitedly and securely transfer such multimedia as image and audio files through your choice of bandwidth, gives you an easy way to control your costs and comes with fixed IP services for website and email. We also have a team of technical experts available to serve you throughout 24 hours.

Cloud Service

Cloud Security Cyber attack protection on cloud

Cloud Security

Cyber attack protection on cloud

A service to boost user confidences in web content security. It also helps promote uninterrupted website applications for organizations, particularly financial institutes or e-commerce businesses, and government agencies through the world’s largest cloud system while they are experiencing attacks from security threats.

Cloud Service Digital Signage Electronic Public Relation

Digital Signage

Electronic Public Relation

At present, communications and public relations are deemed an essence. Many organizations produce a variety of public relations, either publicities of products and services or internal communications. More roles of media along with a mixed technologies called Cloud Computing provokes a new model of public relations; that?s ?Digital Signage?

Media Delivery Increase efficiency of delivering a high quality video experience

Media Delivery

Increase efficiency of delivering a high quality video experience

Allows you to easily deliver content for online viewings of live TV programs, images or video clips, while minimizing your workflow complexity. Audiences can reach content instantly, anytime and anywhere on any device with an adaptive media delivery system that enables adaptable and high-quality video viewing experiences on varying connection speeds.

Cloud Service Virtual Server / DIY Virtual Server

Virtual Server / DIY Virtual Server

Currently, a variety of business organizations has sought for possible alternatives to reduce the operating costs, and to lessen the maintenance of their highly-valued hardware and software whereas the demands on utilizing the computer system have constantly been hiking. Therefore, a rapid processing system for the allocation of resources is so crucial and helps facilitate the IT management efficiently.

Web Performance Increase efficiency of your web performance

Web Performance

Increase efficiency of your web performance

Can enhance your user satisfaction and deliver the best website experiences to your users.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services Co-Location


Co-Location is a server storage for rent. With our high speed internet and highly-secured True IDC (Internet Data Center), you can use either web server or mail server to effectively perform your business.

Value Added Services DDoS Protection Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack

The risk of the new types of attack is increasing. Adding of levels of safety protection of structure of organization network is greatly necessary. Protection against attack of network system in type of Distributed Denial-of-Service or DDoS is security service which is developed in order to prevent attack in complete organization network increasingly. This DDos Protection service can inspect and manage attack from receiving-sending of information with effectiveness, as well as inspection of risk of application and service used in the network of organization safely from attack from hacker, in order for the business operation to be done smoothly and to have efficiency in the highest level.

Value Added Services Intelligence Mail E-Mail Marketing

Intelligence Mail

E-Mail Marketing

Today, communication and data delivery via email is considered another convenient and cost-effective communication channel. It enables users to efficiently determine and reach their target groups, provide comprehensive details on their products and services, organizational news and promotional campaigns. Email delivery, thus, is a low-cost, yet highly-effective marketing platform for marketers.

Value Added Services Intelligence WiFi

Intelligence WiFi

With benefits beyond Private WiFi service, Intelligence Wifi serves you with simple and user-friendly connection via Social Network, and acts as our smart partner who helps us knowing our target group’s profiles. The internet connectivity surface can be customized by having such personal information of users as age, gender, frequency of use and lifestyles, which would be useful for the behavioral analysis to plan and evaluate your promotional activities or public relations media that can well reach to your target group.

Value Added Services Mail Back up

Mail Back up

The mail backup service acts as a second priority mail server. In case of blackout or that network or mail server is down, the system will automatically switch to mail backup to receive all incoming emails. Once the network is functioned properly, the system will then relay all received emails to the mail server. Based on load balancing, the process will not affect mail transfers of multiple servers. This highly stable service is also capable of accommodating large sized e-mails. It suits businesses having an internal corporate mail server or colocate mail server at Internet service provider.

Value Added Services Mail Cleaner

Mail Cleaner

To optimize corporate server performance, Mail Cleaner is to ensure the server is clean and clear from viruses and spam. By working with anti-spam and anti-virus, Mail Cleaner filters and scans all incoming emails for spam and any possible virus. Once detected, the system then eliminates it before sending the mails to the user?s mail server. Mail Cleaner usually makes an update on a daily basis to ensure the utmost protection.

Value Added Services Mail Hosting

Mail Hosting

Mail Domain Hosting or mailbox rental service is an alternative for medium and large sized enterprises that require a large mail server. Unlike typical mail hosting service, Mail Hosting helps maximize the corporate performance in terms of email space allocation. It allows for the users? self-management of the mailbox which enables the users to create, delete or modify accounts. Mail Hosting is also closely monitored for ultimate safety throughout 24 hours.

Value Added Services Mail Relay

Mail Relay

To ensure secure virus-free and spam-free emails, all outgoing emails will be filtered, scanned and clean up before sending out. Mail Relay also helps minimize the damage caused by virus infection, minimize junk emails and maximize Internet bandwidth without the need of additional anti-virus and anti?spam installation and maintenance. It is the ideal for the organizations having their own mail servers.

Value Added Services SSL VPN (Secure Socket Layer)


(Secure Socket Layer)

SSL VPN enables remote employees to have highly efficient and secure access to the corporate network resources over the Internet by way of cryptography that provides authentication throughout the whole period of communications. Without any requirement of additional software facilities, this service is the ideal for organizations that typically require remote access connectivity.

Value Added Services Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange is a hosting service for computer traffic log storage according to the Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550. The service efficiently and accurately maintains Internet usage logs complying with the Act and also prepares professional reports on related information. The users are able to select data space, ensure the safety with 24-hour security by skilled technicians and enjoy cost effective as the service does not require any additional software or hardware installation

Value Added Services Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Designed for beginners and medium sized businesses, web hosting service provides data center space with high capacity servers that support Windows and Linux operating systems and a wide variety of programming languages and all necessary components.The service also offers high speed data transfer under 24/7 reliable and secure technical support.